I am Johan Samsom.

Born in the Netherlands in 1954 and living in Denmark since 1974.

Throughout my youth and early adulthood, the works of good photographers have fascinated me. As a teenager, I began to make short travels in my summer holidays and never left home without my simple instamatic camera, shooting scenery and people. In my late thirties – when I got my first analogue SLR camera, I felt my skill levels were raising. Composition of my shots was no longer random and I developed a “good eye” for spotting objects. A professional photographer friend helped me making my first so-called Art Prints in black and white on good paper qualities. The time we spent in the darkroom will always be a dear memory. I actually still have a wall in my house with B&W images I shot in Paris in 1990.

With the first DSLR’s and a nicer range of good lenses, as well as participation at photography courses, I began to have an extreme feeling of joy when taking pictures. On my travels, I typically do daylong photo walks with a backpack full of kit and some bottles of drinking water and shoot whatever meets my eager eye. Other times more planning is involved, like when I did a complete coverage of a Balinese mass cremation ceremony.

Recently, instead of printing on either paper or canvas, my printer and I developed a technique to print my shots directly on completely different and unique media. Old and antique wooden boards, objects from demolished and pre-modernized buildings, driftwood, oxidized sheet iron, slate, and who knows what. Like this, I can really only make ONE unique print, which I sign and provide with a story about the physical object as well as shot capture details.

Galleries and other venues: Feel welcome to contact me. I am always eager to arrange a display.

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